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Pelican 12/24V Vehicle Charger

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Pelican 12/24V Vehicle Charger

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Pelican 9430 and 9460 12/24 volt Vehicle Charger. Need help, have questions? Call us today at 800-819-4245 or fill out the form below.

Part No: PW-9436B


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Pelican 9430 and 9460 12/24 volt Vehicle Charger.


Pelican Guarantee*
Pelican provides an “Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence”. The guarantee does not cover shark bite, bear attack and children under five! This guarantee does not cover the lamp or batteries in lights.

This Warranty is provided by Pelican
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Pelican contact phone number: 800-473-5422

*For complete details please refer to the above manufacturer’s warranty policy.


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