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Pelican Flex-Neck LED Flashlight

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Pelican Flex-Neck LED Flashlight

Family: LED Series » Brand: Pelican
The new 2365 LED flex neck light from Pelican lets you shine light where it's needed. Need help, have questions? Call us today at 800-819-4245 or fill out the form below.
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Part No: PW-2365


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The new 2365 LED flex neck light from Pelican lets you shine light where it's needed. Whether you are working in the engine bay of your car or under the fuselage of a jet, the 2365 ensures you can work hands free in bright LED light.

A magnetic base attaches metal surfaces and the 15" flexible neck directs 45 lumens of bright LED light. A push button tail switch activates the efficient 2365 for 15 hours of burntime on two standard AA batteries.

The new 2365 by Pelican allows you to be flexible at work.


Color: Black
Light Source: LED
Tested Lumen Value: 45
Batteries: 2 AA
Battery Burn Time: 15 hrs
Watts: 1
Voltage: 3
Length: 21.92"
Weight W/ Batt: 9.3oz
Weight w/o Batt: 7.6oz


Pelican Guarantee*
Pelican provides an “Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence”. The guarantee does not cover shark bite, bear attack and children under five! This guarantee does not cover the lamp or batteries in lights.

This Warranty is provided by Pelican
Pelican URL:
Pelican contact phone number: 800-473-5422

*For complete details please refer to the above manufacturer’s warranty policy.


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