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Candlepower vs. Lumens

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Candlepower vs. Lumens

Peak beam candlepower is the measure of the brightest spot in the beam and is a function of both the output of the lamp and the efficiency of the reflector. As a result, peak beam candlepower is a subjective measurement, and different flashlight manufacturers measure it differently. Therefore, comparing peak beam candlepower ratings of flashlights from various manufacturers will not give an accurate comparison of brightness.

On the other hand, lumens can be used when comparing brightness because it is a measurement of the entire light output regardless of beam focus.

Since peak beam candlepower is a measure of the reflected light, there is no way to convert peak beam candlepower into lumens.

Action-Lights displays the light output for all our flashlights in both peak beam candlepower (PBC) and lumens (lmn) to help aid you in understanding the performance of each flashlight we sell. This information comes directly from the manufacturers.